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What are your business hours…?
Our reservation office is open Monday to Sunday, 8:00am to 7:00pm EST


Vehicles are available 24/7


The reservation office is closed on all major holidays.



Why do you need my Credit Card Information…?
In order to reduce our risk of a "no-show" and to keep your rates low all transportation has to be pre-paid by credit card.



Does my child need a child or booster seat…?
Depending, please read the Florida Child Restraint Law



What is the Florida Child Restraint Law…?
All children 5 years of age or younger must be properly restrained no matter where they are sitting in the vehicle.  Children through age 3 must be secured in a separate carrier or a vehicle manufacturer's integrated child safety seat.  For children aged 4 through 5 years, a separate carrier, an integrated child safety seat, or a safety belt may be used.  (FL Statute 316.613).



Do you provide child or booster seats…?
No, for liability reasons we currently don't provide any childseats. However, we strongly recommend that you bring your own child seat or booster seat as safety is our #1 priority. Most major airlines check-in child seats at no charge.



Do I have to buckle up…?
Yes, it's Florida Law and we strongly recommend and appreciate it, as safety is our #1 priority.
Although all our vehicles are very safe and our drivers are experienced, as professional drivers we cannot predict who else is on the road.



A competitor of yours is cheaper - can you match his price …?
We certainly can try to match a competitors price. However, please understand that not every limousine company is a limousine company. As long as our competitor is legal, livery insured and permitted we certainly will do our very best to match his price. If the quote is from a so called "gypsy" we will gladly refuse. The reason for this is that our company takes pride in its business. Our vehicles are some of the best serviced and cleanest on the market and our drivers are "handpicked" for their safety, reliability and courtesy.

Can our competitor match that, too?



Do I have to tip the driver …?
All our rates are subject to a 20% Service Charge which will be automatically added to your reservation.
This Service Charge includes already includes a gratuity for your driver.



Why do you allow service pets but not "normal" pets?
Unfortunately some of our passengers are allergic to pet hair/fur. Because of that, we have to clean and disinfect our vehicles after each time we transport a person accompanied by a service pet.
This takes time and costs money.
However, we think that our clients in need of a service pet have already have a really hard life – and we take pride in helping them to make it a little more comfortable.



Do you have handicap accessible vehicles…?
No, currently we cannot provide you with a handicap accessible vehicle.
But if you let our office know in advance, that you are in need of assistance we would be more than happy to take additional time to assist you.



Can I make changes to my reservation after booking it...?
Yes, as long as your changes are within the timeframe stated in our cancellation policy you can re-schedule your ride any time.
If your changes are outside the time frame, we might not be able to accept any changes.
Please have your confirmation number or your credit card number ready for reference.



Do you have any baggage restrictions...?
Yes, we follow the guidelines of most major airline carriers.
Each passenger is allowed 1 bag (weighing no more than 50lbs/23kg) and 1 carry-on.
Excessive baggage (Golf Bags, Strollers, etc.), or larger sized baggage might be subject to additional charges.
Please inform our office upon reservation if you have any "unusual" or additional baggage.




Airport Permitted & Livery Insured


HCPTC Certificate #10105


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